Advice for Property Sale and Assignment

The factors that may affect the value of your home are:

-  The age and the condition of the house.. 

-  The repairs to possible damage and missing items

-  Pay attention to plumbing, to possible leaks, presence of moisture or odor. Check doors, plumbing and electricity.

-  Check, repair or renovate the kitchen and bathrooms

-  Paint your home with light bright colors..

-  Make a general cleaning.

-  Repair and protect floors where available. Buyers prefer the wooden floor. It comes first in the preferences of buyers.

There is no need to spend lots of money to renovate the house . Do only the necessary.


-  Legal costs

-  The tax is borne by the seller if the property sells acquired after 1/1/2006 – (capital gains tax)

-  Brokerage (if renting the landlord pays 1 rent + VAT, if sold 2% of actual market value + VAT)


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