Purchasing Procedure

When selected the property that interests you and this price has been agreed, you should deposit in order to formalize your interest, the property will be withdrawn from the market and the price will lock up where agreed. The deposit is given to the owner - seller or attorney, following the drafting of Private Contract. In this step you will specify

the property value, the way to pay for it, possible structural interventions or corrections if the property is under construction, the deadline for signature of the final contract, the clauses regarding the buyer and the seller in case of withdrawal of either

The amount of the advance is usually 1-5% depending on the amount of sale.


-  Property Transfer Tax

-  Notary fees

-  Law costs

-  Registration fees

-  Agent commission (for rental the tenant pays 1 monthly rent + VAT, for sold, the buyer pays 1 – 5% of actual market value + VAT)


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